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BlueKeeper Wirless Audio Gateway JK Audio (Used)
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JK Audio Daptor 2 (DAP2) Wireless Phone Audio Interface for use with Cell / Cordless Phones
Connect your wireless phone to the Daptor Two using the included 1/4" TRS to 3.5mm TRRS cell phone interface cable. Send and receive voice band audio during regular calls, or full bandwidth audio using third party codec applications. Your device will recognize Daptor Two as a headset which will disable the internal mic and speaker.
You may use either the XLR input or 1/4" input, not both. The XLR input jack is disconnected when a cable is plugged into the 1/4" input jack. The same is true for the XLR and 1/4"output jacks. Simply plug the included 1/4" TRS to 3.5 mm TRRS cell phone interface cable into the Wireless Phone Headset Jack of Daptor Two and into the 3.5 mm TRRS headset jack of any wireless phone or notebook computer that accepts a third party headset or earpiece. Cell phones that do not offer a 3.5mm TRRS headset jack will require an adapter (not provided) that allows the use of a third party 3.5mm TRRS headset
Inputs XLR 600 ohms balanced, line level, 0 dBm max input. 1/4" mono, unbalanced, line level, 0 dBm max input.
Outputs XLR 600 ohms balanced, mic level, -25 dBm avg output. 1/4" mono, unbalanced, mic level, -25 dBm avg output. Passive, no AC or battery power needed.
Size 4.4" x 2.7" x 1.2" (11.2 x 6.9 x 3.5 cm)
ART Cessories CleanBox (Used)
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ART Pro Audio CleanBox Two Way Stereo Converter
Adapting from Balanced to Unbalanced and Vice-Versa:
Problem: You have a stereo output from a CD player (tape deck, VCR, computer sound card or other consumer electronics gear) and you need to connect it to the balanced line inputs of your mixer (EQ or other piece of professional audio equipment). Actually, there are three problems: 1.) Your source has RCA connectors and you need to connect to an XLR input. 2.) Your source signal is unbalanced, but you require a balanced signal where you’re plugging into. 3.) The signal levels have to be matched properly.
Solution: Use a CleanBOX! Its RCA-to-XLR channel 1 takes RCA signal, matches the signal levels and then provides a balanced (XLR) output.
Problem: You have the balanced stereo output of a mixer (an EQ or other piece of pro audio gear) and need to connect it to the inputs of a cassette deck, computer sound card, VCR or another type of consumer electronics unit. The three problems above apply here as well (except your source is balanced, and you require an unbalanced audio signal).
Solution: Use a CleanBOX! Its XLR-to-RCA channel 2 takes a XLR balanced signal, matches the signal levels and then provides an unbalanced (RCA) output.
Problem: You want to mix your voice (and/or instrument) with a CD and record the mix on a cassette deck or computer. Now you need to interconnect three pieces of equipment; two consumer level and one balanced pro audio level (the mixer). You have to go from unbalanced RCA to balanced XLR and from balanced XLR back to unbalanced RCA.
Solution: Simply use both channels on your CleanBOX.
Audio & Video Splitter VSP8 (Used)
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The audio and video distributor series products can input the input "VIDEO" and "AUDIO" signals through multi-stage amplifying circuits, and then distribute the multi-channel signal outputs respectively, so that multiple display devices share the same signal and reproduce the image. Clear distribution effect.
Compatible with various brands of VCD, DVD, camcorder, digital TV set-top box and TV signal system, it can play the same clear image signal simultaneously on multiple display devices.
It has strong anti-interference ability and can be cascaded and expanded. The audio and video signals of each port are output independently and do not interfere with each other.

Technical parameters:
Signal type: VIDEO AUDIO
Input port: 1 PORT
Output port: 8 PORTS
Video input: 1Vp-p / 75Ω
Video gain: 0db≤DG≤1db
Audio input: 2.2Vp-p / 20KΩ
Audio gain:-3db≤DG≤0db
Voltage range: AC185V-250V 50/60Hz
Rated power: 6W
Housing: Metal
product size: 245x180x40mm
Ambient temperature:-10°-40°
TASCAM LF-S8 8 Active Subwoofer System
350.00 350.00 350.0 USD
Quantity - 1
TASCAM LF-S8 8" Active Subwoofer System

8" subwoofer
50W active design
Direct radiating bass reflex 8" woofers with top air port
Deep cabinet design for rich low frequency playback
Low frequency cut control
Cascade output for additional subwoofer
Magnetic shielding
Behringer Ultralink ULR2000
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Quantity - 1
BEHRINGER goes wireless at a performance level that's unheard of! With the revolutionary ULTRALINK UHF wireless microphone/receiver set, you will experience the most innovative and high-tech design available. With its user-friendly control menu and comprehensive LCD screen, the system is extremely easy to operate. And, thanks to a proprietary scan function for transmitter frequencies, you can be assured of absolute reliability, signal integrity and audio bandwidth, even in tough RF environments. The microphone has an excellent cardioid pickup pattern, making it perfect for vocal applications. A high-performance compander system guarantees extremely high dynamic range, an optimal signal-to-noise ratio and an ultra-wide audio transmission range. One of the ULTRALINK highlights is the availability of user-tunable transmit frequencies in addition to the 3 presets with 8 interference-free channels each. This way, you have a total of 320 different frequencies available to you, guaranteeing that you will find a free frequency, no matter how crowded it gets! The receiver also features a switch-mode power supply with easily interchangeable AC plugs for maximum flexibility. The ULTRALINK ULR2000 true diversity receiver easily fits into your 19' rack and can be mounted with the included rack-mounting kit.
Behringer CT100 Professional 6-in-1 Instrument Cable Tester (Used)
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Quantity - 1
Microprocessor-controlled cable tester featuring 3 modes: cable and installed cable test plus test tone mode
Accepts all standard connectors: XLR, TRS (1/4", 1/8", TT), RCA and MIDI
Super-easy operation with intuitive LED display
Continuity check and intermittent contact detection
Phantom-power and ground-shield check
Tieline Bridge-IT Stereo IP Audio Codec
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Quantity - 1
Bridge-IT PRO is identical to the Bridge-IT BASIC but also includes AAC HE, AAC LC algorithms, and Multicasting and Multi-Unicasting for multiple connections. AAC-HE v.2 is capable of delivering high fidelity stereo IP audio at bit-rates as low as 24Kbps.

Tieline's Bridge-IT is the ultimate low-cost, high-performance, stereo IP audio codec solution for broadcast and professional applications. Designed to deliver point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connections, Bridge-IT transports audio streams reliably, simply and effectively over a range of IP data networks such as wired and wireless LANs, WANs, the internet, satellite IP, WiMAX and Wi-Fi.

Bridge-IT is EBU N/ACIP Tech 3326 compatible over IP and will connect to any SIP-enabled IP codec brand with industry standard algorithms, as well as VoIP devices supporting G.711 and G.722. Bridge-IT is also internet/satellite streaming and HD and digital radio compatible.

It is designed for desktop use or two units can be installed side-by-side in a purpose-built 1RU mounting bracket.

Broadcast LIVE from your iPhone!Report-IT
Introducing Report-IT Live - the world's first iPhone® application that turns your iPhone into a bidirectional wireless IP codec and recorder. With this app, broadcast networks can centrally manage multiple Report-IT Live users from the studio. Reporters and remote talent can download the app for free, enter a username and password, and connect to a Tieline IP codec in the studio (like Bridge-IT) in seconds! Learn more »

Studio-to-Transmitter Link (STL) applications
IP audio distribution
Simple remote broadcast links
Cable Head End IP Audio Distribution
Low-latency audio over IP bridging solutions
Multiple codec installations (2 codecs fit in 1 x 19" rack unit)
Bridge-IT allows radio and television broadcasters to expand their IP network at a fraction of the cost of competing IP codecs without compromising on quality or broadcast quality features.

Bridge-IT comes with 16 Bit 22kHz uncompressed linear audio at less than 12 ms encode delay, as well as MPEG Layer 2, G.711, G.722 and Tieline Music. Tieline MusicPLUS is also standard and provides 22 kHz mono and stereo with 20ms encode delay at under 100 Kbps, offering huge savings on your IP data bills and outstanding audio quality. LC-AAC, HE-AAC v.1 and HE-AAC v.2 decoders are also included as standard.

Upgrade your Bridge-IT audio codecs today by purchasing and installing the optional AAC encode software licence and you will instantly have the ability to encode LC-AAC, HE-AAC v.1 and HE-AAC v.2 algorithms. HE-AAC v.2 is capable of delivering high fidelity stereo IP audio at bit-rates as low as 24Kbps.

Unlike most low cost IP audio codecs, Bridge-IT has all the broadcast connectors you would expect on a full-featured codec. Simultaneous analog and digital AES/EBU audio outputs are provided on XLR connectors and it includes a 1/4" (6.35mm) stereo headphone output.

Compare Bridge-IT's superior programming functionality and simple user interface with other low cost codecs. Bridge-IT features a full hardware front panel interface including navigation, LCD display, PPM metering and dialing key pad. It can also be configured and controlled remotely using an optional web interface.

Bridge-IT will be the first low cost IP audio codec to offer 3 different ways to connect over IP.

If you only need a simple permanent point-to-point encoder and decoder, Bridge-IT is the only low cost IP codec that lets you connect without using a computer. Simply dial the IP address of the remote codec using the front panel keypad and LCD screen.
Bridge-IT serves up a comprehensive graphical user interface in a standard web browser. Just type the IP address of the codec into your web browser for remote control, configuration and dialing.
Purchase the optional TieServer PRO licence (coming soon) when you buy Bridge-IT and create IP connections simpler than making a telephone call. There's no need to figure out IP addresses or deal with firewalls. TieServer PRO does it all for you. Simply register your Bridge-IT with Tieline's global TieServer traversal server once only, give it a name (like Chicago Studio) and then watch your codec's address book automatically populate with other online Bridge-ITs in your network each time you connect it to the internet. It's just like launching Skype and watching your online buddies pop up in the address book on the Bridge-IT screen. Then you simply select the codec you wish to connect with and hit Dial to connect. It's perfect for non technical people.
Behringer MINI MON MON800 Ultra-Compact Stereo Monitor Matrix Mixer
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Quantity - 1
Ultra-compact 9.5” monitor matrix mixer for studio and stage applications
Dedicated input section with 4 selectable and mixable stereo inputs
Accurate 6-digit LED main stereo output meters for precise level indication
High-power phones output with dedicated Level control
3 selectable stereo speaker outputs with separate Level controls for ultimate monitoring
Microphone Stand (Used)
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Quantity - 1
Microphone Stand Rs 550 (Used)
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Quantity - 1
Microphone Stand Rs 550
With the assistance of our dedicated team of professionals, we are providing a premium quality range of Microphone Stand.
Auray MS-65HD Professional Mic Stand with Telescoping Boom Arm (Used)
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Quantity - 1
The MS-65HD Professional Mic Stand with Telescoping Boom Arm from Auray features sturdy, 1" steel tubes and a wide tripod base offering stability for live stage, theater, rehearsal, and recording studio applications. Mic height placement is simple and easy to adjust with a twist lock.

The telescoping boom angle and length are also adjustable with a single locking knob. This makes the MS-65HD stand not only suitable for performers on stage but ideal for miking guitar cabinets as well. This stand and boom arm's rigid stability and solid locking mechanism—when the boom is at full extension—works well in applications for drum overheads or miking the inside of an acoustic piano.
Speaker Stand
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Quantity - 3
Speaker Stands are designed for maximum stability and safety. All Metal Construction, heavy duty collars, security pins, extra wide bases and rubberized non-slip feet ensure your PA cabinets remain secure and stable during live performances. Flat non-reflective black finishes on most models ensure the stands will create limited visual distraction for your audience.

• Delivers Maximum Safety and Stability
• Scratch Resistant Finishes
• Wide Bases for Extra Stability
• Ergonomic Heavy Duty Knobs
• Rubberized Non-Slip Feet
• Highly Portable

Minimum Height: 27.00 inches
Maximum Height: 46.00 inches
Collapsed Height: 27.00 inches
Stand Material: Aluminum
Collar Material: Nylon
Load Capacity: 100.00 lbs
Ultimate Support TS-100B Lift-Assist Speaker Stand
120.00 120.00 120.0 USD
Quantity - 3
This Heavy-duty Speaker Stand Helps with the Heavy Lifting!
The Ultimate Support TS-100B Hydraulic Speaker Stand lets you put your speakers at that height you need! Using a gas spring, the TS-100B Hydraulic Speaker Stand reduces your lift load by up to 75 percent, making it easy and safe to put your live speakers up to height for effective sound dispersion without the threat of injury. The heavy-duty stand features large-diameter tubing and reinforced clamps, and it folds down to a compact size that's easy to transport. If you want a sturdy, lightweight, effective stand that actually helps you get your speakers up to where you need them, you've got to check out the TS-100B!
Cisco 7942 Series Unified VOIP IP Phone (Used)
45.00 45.00 45.0 USD
Quantity - 9
The Cisco 7942 Phone is an innovative endpoint that delivers affordable, business grade voice comms services to customers worldwide. The CP7942 is a 2 line VoIP phone which can be used for SIP (requires firmware change); or SCCP VoIP phone comms. It can be used with the Cisco Call Manager Solution, UC500 solution or as a SIP phone. This Cisco unified ip phone features 2 10/100 PoE ports and HD Voice.

IP Phone
The 7942G is a full featured IP phone with high fidelity wide band audio (G.722) and a high res display. This IP phone is an IP ready system phone with a large graphic display.

This Phone comes with an integrated LAN switch, two line / feature keys and 4 soft keys; which help to guide you the menus and features. The duplex speaker phone and built in headset port allow you to work hands free; while the handset delivers wide band audio.

Cisco 7942 Phone Features
Built in 10/100 2 Port LAN switch
Multiple VoIP protocol support SIP and SCCP
Power over Ethernet (PoE) support 802.3af as well as Cisco PoE (Power Supply not included)
Full duplex speaker phone with Wide band support
Supports differentiated services code point (DSCP) and 802.1Q/p standards
More than 24 defined user selected ring tones are available
Dedicated RJ9 Headset Port with HD Voice support
Cisco 7941 Series Unified VOIP IP Phone (Used)
45.00 45.00 45.0 USD
Quantity - 4
High-resolution, Graphical 4-bit grayscale display (320 x 222) that supports double-byte characters and Unicode text to benefit extensible markup language (XML)
High-quality speakerphone technology, including an easy-to-use speaker on/off button, microphone mute button, and headset button - active when lit
A full-featured Handset that provides two programmable line and feature button
Supports IEEE Power over Ethernet (PoE) only does not support Cisco Prestandard inline PoE.(Power Supply not included).
Intended for use with Cisco Unified Communications Manager [Call Manager] system.
Microphone Stand- Best Quality Table Stand With Full Metal Body (Odio TS-20)
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Quantity - 1
Desktop Microphone Stand in Bangladesh
Desktop microphone stands for today's popular microphones. Beautiful appearance, easy installation, with a wide range of movement, the direction of the location accuracy, bearing capacity, collection and easy to carry.

Key Features of Odio TS-20:

Made with High-Quality Metal
Compatible with most handheld microphones
Easy to mount and use
Very useful for a small home studio setup
Specifications OF TS-20:
Minimum Height: 25.5cm
Maximum Height: 36.5cm
Base diameter: 11cm
Holder size: 3cm
Microphone Holder can be rotated 180 degree
Microphone Stand
25.00 25.00 25.0 USD
Quantity - 1
Cisco 7940 Phone
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Quantity - 1
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