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    Now that the 4K monitor market is a serious and increasingly major part of the PC display industry, buyers of all kinds, from professional users, business owners, and home office users to gamers are taking a serious interest in the numerous models on sale. The mix of razor sharp clarity and numerous other cool display and connectivity technologies in most newer 4K PC displays is simply too interesting to resist and with good reason –they’re some of the best PC displays on sale today, even if their 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution isn’t taken into consideration.

    And in this world of 4K UHD monitors, which tend to be larger than most normal HD displays, the 27-28 inch size range is definitely one of the most popular on offer. There are also plenty of smaller mid-sized 24 inch or smaller displays available and the market for super-sized 32 to 40 inch 4K monitors is also growing but the rulers of the roost and best sellers are almost entirely made of 27 to 28 inch display units.

    Thus, among the 4K screens for PCs on sale in this size range, you’ll find an enormous amount of diversity, with gamer’s designs, professional visual editing monitors and basic home/business office monitors all represented at a fairly wide range of prices.
    Display Details

    As we’ve made clear above, not all 4K monitors are created equal, even in the same general size range and depending on their main purpose, price and specific internal technologies, today’s monitors can vary enormously in the display quality and work flexibility they offer. While even the cheapest 4K screens can usually beat the pants off any low budget HD display in the wow factor of their graphics, some of the priciest and best 4K displays offer incredible color saturation, extraordinary detail, contrast and visual accuracy to a degree that looks truly impressive by anyone’s standards. These are some of the different display panel types which influence this:
    IPS: IPS panels are usually found in some of the highest quality monitors on the market today and for good reason. IPS, also known as in-plane switching technology, offers some of the best color accuracy, vibrancy and brightness available in display today. Furthermore, it usually also entails superb contrast and some of the best viewing angles you can find in a 4K monitor. On the other hand, to its slight detriment, IPS is also offers up a bit of a slow response time, in the 4 to 9ms range. This is the speed at which the monitor’s graphics respond to an external control like a keyboard or console controller. However, for non-gaming PCs, IPS display is generally the gold standard in display technology. Other names by which IPS is also commonly known include PLS (plane to line switching) and AHVA (advanced hyper viewing angle).

    TN: TN stands for Twisted Nematic and it’s one of the most common monitor panel display technologies in use today, with particular popularity in gaming-oriented 4K PC monitors. With TN screens, what you get is a superb response time that’s ideal for 4K gaming and some very decent, rich contrast levels. On the other hand, the majority of 4K monitors with TN display lack strong color vibrancy, brightness and are weak on color accuracy as well. Furthermore, they usually offer up weak viewing angles. However, low cost is a factor in favor of TN panel designs and monitors with this display type are usually some of the most affordable on sale today.

    VA: VA (vertical alignment) panels aren’t quite as common as their IPS and TN cousins but they offer up their own unique blend of pros and cons. On the one hand, VA offers some very strong contrast performance, deep rich blacks and great color output while also delivering far superior viewing angles to those of TN. However, with VA panel design in monitors, ghosting effects can be a common problem, particularly during gaming and fast-moving video animation.

    Connectivity Considerations

    Most 4K monitors will have the same essentials of connectivity built into them and the technology which is considered to be crucial to these devices is quite standardized. Thus, while some 4K monitors will offer unusual features like Thunderbolt connectivity or possibly lack some important basic like USB connectivity, the vast majority of 4K displays and all of the monitors we’re about to cover absolutely include core connectivity specs like HDMI, USB, DisplayPort 1.2 and audio connections.
    For any 4K monitor you decide to go for, the absolutely essential specs that should be present consist of HDMI 1.4 or HDMI 2.0 connectivity, DisplayPort 1.2 ports and at least a couple of USB ports, preferably of the USB 3.0 variant.

    Among these, the single most crucial port will be DisplayPort 1.2, at least if you’re serious about smooth, quickly rendering 4K graphics on your monitor’s display. Since most existing 4K monitors and PC GPUs still lack HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2 is the only means by which the two technologies can connect together for on-screen rendering of 4K ultra HD graphics at a smooth 60Hz, which is equivalent to 60 frames per second of video.

    HDMI is also important for daisy-chaining more than more 4K monitor together (though DisplayPort can be used for this as well) and while most monitors only offer HDMI 1.4 for 4K graphics at 30Hz, some models now include HDMI 2.0, which is what you should go for if you can find it.

    USB is also a crucial and sometimes overlooked connectivity spec of any decent 4K monitor. While useless for transmission of 4K video resolution, USB connectivity will let you connect all sorts of peripheral devices like external hard drives, mouse, speakers, mobile phones and so on to your PC easily.

    We should also mention one of the newest connectivity standards for newer 4K monitors that have been emerging in 2016: USB-C/Thunderbolt 3. This is one of the very latest and most advanced connectivity types found in a small number of today’s 4K or 5K monitors. USB-C is still quite uncommon but this will likely change since the spec offers numerous benefits due to its enormous bandwidth power, which is enough to run full 60Hz graphics in 4K resolution on multiple UHD monitors through a single connection.

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