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    Glensound HD Voice Broadcasters' Mobile Phones make it possible to use the 3G UMTS network as an audio link, with a bandwidth of up to 7 kHz, for broadcast applications. The increased bandwidth is more suitable for live reporting applications as well as higher-quality IFB and talk back applications. Should a 3G network not be available, they will also act as a normal quad-band 2G GSM phone. They have balanced, line-level connections, with XLR connectors, for ease of interfacing to broadcast mixers, recorders, or computers. The portable version also has a dynamic microphone input. The phones connect as a voice call, so will have the same quality of service as a normal mobile phone call. The call quality will remain constant over the duration of the call regardless of the number of other mobile phones being used in the area. As a result, they are particularly suitable for reporting in highly-congested mobile phone areas such as football matches or concert venues.
    The phones connect to 3G mobile phone services, as well as 2G. When connected to a 3G service offering 'HD voice', they provide a bandwidth of approximately 7 kHz; a substantial increase in audio quality compared to a 2G or PSTN phone. However, in order to take advantage of the increased bandwidth, the call must be received by another 3G phone using 'HD voice'. Glensound 3G phones can be used to connect to PSTN or 2G phones, but in these cases the bandwidth increase is lost.
    Glensound also offer 2G mobile phones. These connect to a mobile network and offer an audio bandwidth of approximately 3 kHz. They can make a call to another mobile phone or a PSTN phone number. With PSTN, the audio contribution can be accepted by an existing telephone hybrid, coupler or a phone-in system. Alternatively a Glensound portable or rack-mounting mobile phone can be used to receive the call, either at fixed premises, or on location, say in an outside broadcast vehicle. The 2G models are suitable for areas where 3G 'HD voice' services are simply not available, or it is not possible to have a 3G 'HD voice' phone at both ends of the connection, or simply that the enhanced audio quality is not required, perhaps for a cue feed.

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